Episode 18

by on Nov.14, 2022, under

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What's Next?

by on Nov.11, 2022, under

The 118 rush to save lives in the aftermath of a massive train derailment.

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This Life We Choose

by on Nov.02, 2022, under

The 118 deals with a situation where a stunt driver is placed in a precarious position, two mail bombs are detonated and a teenaged social influencer loses their mind; Eddie's family decides to visit; Buck confronts a deadly series of events.

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Naraku and Sesshomaru Join Forces

by on Oct.14, 2022, under

Naraku appears before Sesshomaru and lends him an arm with a sacred jewel shard embedded in it. Sesshomaru attaches the arm to himself and appears before Inuyasha and the gang to steal the Tetsusaiga.

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Episode 18

by on Oct.10, 2022, under

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The Last Heartbreak

by on Sep.25, 2022, under

As Chloe and Lucifer go on the hunt for a serial killer targeting couples in love, Pierce realizes the case is connected to a murder he previously solved…in 1958. Then, Lucifer becomes upset when Pierce has a change of heart about an important decision.

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The Good, The Bad, And The Crispy

by on Sep.11, 2022, under

After Charlotte accidentally charbroils a man to death in self-defense, Lucifer must try and keep Chloe from figuring out the truth. Lucifer puts Maze in charge of finding Charlotte and Amenadiel, who have both gone missing in light of recent circumstances, while he finds a permanent solution for the ticking-time-bomb he calls Mom.

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The Trials of M. Kelso

by on Sep.01, 2022, under

Jackie tests Kelso to see if she should get back together with him. Fez, Eric and Hyde vandalize an opposing school's locker room because Fez was beaten up by their jocks. Kitty is angry at Bob and Midge for not inviting her and Red to their party until she finds out that Bob and Midge are nudists.

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Kitty and Eric's Night Out

by on Aug.27, 2022, under

Eric goes out with his mom to the movies and is embarrassed at first but ends up having a good time. Fez gets a girlfriend and Hyde can't believe that she went from him to Fez and Jackie is jealous because she likes Fez.

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Career Day

by on Aug.22, 2022, under

It's career day and the gang must spend the day working with their parents. Eric goes to the hospital with Kitty and is amazed at all she has to deal with every day. Fez accompanies Hyde and interviews cafeteria lady "Gross Edna" while mother and son feud. Poor Michael spends the entire day trying to figure out what his dad does, while Donna is mortified by Bob's crazy promotional antics. And Red finally finds one of Eric's friends he likes: Jackie.

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