A Hard Jay's Night

by on Mar.18, 2023, under

Mitch struggles to hide his true feelings about the unflattering wedding topper Cam's father whittled out of soap for them, Phil tries to help Gloria sell her pre-Jay apartment but they get sidetracked at the neighborhood salon, and Claire and the kids head over to Jay's early to help him prep for the special night with the family he's hosting but they end up just butting heads.

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Episode 19

by on Mar.12, 2023, under

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The Future Dunphys

by on Mar.07, 2023, under

At the hospital Claire and Phil see the older version of their family; Mitchell and Cameron plan a day for Lily and Gloria; Manny and Jay go to a private school to look around.

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Election Day

by on Feb.25, 2023, under

Claire's race for town council comes to a head on Election Day as the Dunphys make phone calls for votes and Mitchell and Cameron take to the streets to campaign, while the candidate endures technical problems during some last-minute interviews.

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The Musical Man

by on Feb.17, 2023, under

Cameron is overzealous in his planning of the spring musical performance at Luke and Manny's school. Jay's brother visits while Phil convinces the family to be in his new TV ad.

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Game Changer

by on Feb.06, 2023, under

It could not be more perfect that Phil's birthday and the release date of a hot new product coincide, and he wants nothing so much as to be one of the first people to get one; this is Claire's mission. Meanwhile, before coming to Phil's party, Mitchell is preoccupied with a new found desire to toughen up, Cameron gets himself involved in a neighbor's marital problems, and it's Jay against Gloria and Manny in chess.

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Episode 19

by on Nov.21, 2022, under

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Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!

by on Oct.14, 2022, under

Sesshomaru wields the Tetsusaiga with his borrowed arm against Inuyasha, who fights back with his scabbard. When the two strike each other at the same time, Inuyasha gets up close to Sesshomaru, rips off his arm, and gets back the Tetsusaiga. When Inuyasha learns Naraku's plan, he fears that Kagome might die.

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Episode 19

by on Oct.10, 2022, under

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Orange Is the New Maze

by on Sep.25, 2022, under

When Maze is the prime suspect in a murder, Lucifer and Chloe enter the world of bounty hunting to investigate. Maze decides she wants to go back to Hell, but after Lucifer refuses, she turns to Pierce for help. Meanwhile, Charlotte's sanity is questioned when she makes a big discovery and Chloe admits she's dating someone.

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