The Outdoor Activities Club and the Solo Camping Girl

by on Jun.11, 2024, under

The Outdoor Activities Club plans its first trip, but they do not have the right sleeping bags for the cold weather. Trying to cut costs, the club members try wrapping the summer sleeping bag in foil, bubble wrap, and cardboard, and ultimately decide to each purchase a winter sleeping bag online. Meanwhile, Rin gets her motorcycle license and goes on a solo camping trip in Nagano. On the day of the camping trip, the club members hike through Fuefuki, stopping at a cafe and hot springs resort along the way, and then watching a live stream of Rin.

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Episode 4

by on Jun.07, 2024, under

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by on May.26, 2024, under

The survivors move on to the second quest, which demands strength and strategy. But first, they must form teams that will lead them to victory.

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The Incident

by on Apr.09, 2024, under

Claire and Mitchell's mother, Dede, drops in for a surprise visit and is determined to make amends with everyone she offended during what has been deemed "the incident" at Jay and Gloria's wedding. Needless to say, no one is thrilled to see her and everything comes to a head when the whole family shows up to dinner at Claire's house.

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Episode 4

by on Apr.01, 2024, under

Guard Fucha Fuheng attempts to rouse his sister the Empress from her long-held grief. Noble Consort Gao and Consort Jia continue their scheming, leading to Yingluo being summoned.

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Our Lord

by on Mar.21, 2024, under

Jin seeks justice after a death rattles the group. Investigators learn of an extremist group devoted to an otherworldly entity ahead of a major summit.

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Curse Womb Must Die

by on Mar.09, 2024, under

When a curse womb attacks a juvenile detention center, Yuji's group is called upon to rescue any remaining survivors — but combat isn’t an option.

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Episode 4

by on Mar.03, 2024, under

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Wanna Live With Me?

by on Feb.20, 2024, under

After witnessing a charming exchange between Momose and Shirosaki, Kinjo, harassed by his boss just like Momose, decides to change jobs. Kinjo manages to switch careers, landing at the same company as the other two, with Aoyama in charge of his training. Then, one day after work, Momose, Shirosaki, Aoyama, and Kinjo decide to all go out for drinks. Kinjo is concerned when Momose states, "I've never gotten drunk at a drinking party with my bosses before." Will Momose be able to get drunk at this drinking party?

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by on Feb.07, 2024, under

An aerial journey across Sweden reveals the restoration of Stockholm Palace.

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