by on May.15, 2024, under

The story of J. Robert Oppenheimer's role in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II.

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by on May.11, 2024, under

While under the guise of taking his family on a weekend winter getaway, Loid's attempt to make progress on his current mission Operation Strix proves difficult when Anya mistakenly gets involved and triggers events that threaten world peace.

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What's on Your Mind, Psyduck?

by on May.06, 2024, under

Psyduck suffers from chronic headaches that erupt into disruptive psychic powers. Can Haru come up with a way to help?

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Perfect Days

by on Mar.16, 2024, under

Hirayama is content with his life as a toilet cleaner in Tokyo. Outside of his structured routine, he cherishes music on cassette tapes, books, and taking photos of trees. Through unexpected encounters, he reflects on finding beauty in the world.

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Love at First Sight

by on Mar.10, 2024, under

Hadley and Oliver begin falling in love on a flight from New York to London, but when they lose each other at customs, can they defy all odds to reunite?

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Ex-boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend?? Ex-boyfriend???

by on Mar.04, 2024, under

Momose decides to change phone models after dropping his smartphone in a fountain. He then gets a call from his former boss, Kurono, who was supposed to be blocked, and panics. Worried about Momose, Shirosaki decides to personally see him home. Until now, Momose has been terrified to face the scars of his past. But after hearing a heartwarming and personal story from Shirosaki, Momose gains the courage to face Kurono. What suggestion does Shirosaki give to Momose who decides to make the phone call?

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Be back soon…!?

by on Mar.04, 2024, under

At Kinjo's suggestion, the four hold a Christmas party and bring presents. Momose continues his daily search for a new property as he decides where to move but is saddened that his fun life living together with Shirosaki will come to an end. After the party, and after much deliberation, Momose decides to move forward and contacts a real estate agent to assist with his move. And finally, the day of his move arrives…

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I have to find a place to live!

by on Mar.04, 2024, under

Inside a train station with high passenger foot traffic, Momose and Shirosaki look upon a giant advertisement. The release day of Momose's first ad, which he created for the aquarium, has finally come. On his way to the aquarium, Momose spots a man at a nearby café who looks like his previous boss, Kurono. Even when he enters the aquarium, he ends up remembering Kurono. While accompanying Momose, Shirosaki notices a suspicious man. The envelope that the man holds has the name of Momose's previous company written on it….

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Take Responsibility…!

by on Mar.04, 2024, under

Halloween, reading, autumn festivals…

Autumn spent with Shirosaki is still full of "goofy" moments! As the days pass, Momose continues living together with Shirosaki. On one of their days off, Shirosaki suggests checking out a delicious restaurant in the neighborhood, and the two decide to go. After enjoying lunch at a restaurant that caught their eye, the two take a walk at the nearby park.

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Only the River Flows

by on Mar.02, 2024, under

1990s, Banpo Town, rural China. A woman’s body is found by the river. Ma Zhe, Chief of the Criminal Police, heads up the murder investigation that leads to an obvious arrest. His superiors hurry to congratulate him, but several clues push Ma Zhe to delve deeper into the hidden behaviour of his fellow citizens.

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